VIP Desert Safari

VIP Desert Safari

The VIP Desert Safari Dubai tour includes all the 4X4 pick-and-drop services from the hotel and home. Execute style with top-notch experience for our valued customers by VIP Desert Safari provides. Visit the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The experience of the sunset plus some added benefits. What could be more beautiful than spending a day in the Desert Safari. Everyone loves it, especially those who are exploring the surrounding regions and their culture.

VIP Desert Safari Deals

VIP Desert Safari Pick & drop: 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm

• Dune Bashing

• Camel Ride

• Tanora Show

• 7 live shows

• Henna Painting Buffet

• Dinner veg & non-veg

• Water, soft drinks, Tea

• Belly Dance

• Sandboarding

• Arabic Sweet

• Sunset point

• VIP Seating Area

• Separate VIP Buffet Dinner

VIP Desert Safari Tour

Excursions on VIP Desert Safari are one emblematic tour that most tourists would seek foremost. That will engrave on your mind for a long time whenever you try to re-experience the memories. So let’s enter the world of varieties and facilities that Dubai offers to its tourists. This is the best opportunity to relax whenever possible without the fuss of traveling from another part of the world.

VIP Desert Safari Adventure

These times VIP Desert Safari is at its finest as the warmth and heat of the desert will give you a rejuvenating feel. If you are planning a tour of the desert safari in Dubai, there are a few things you should know.

VIP Desert Safari Packages

  • All tourists will have a Pick & Drop Service from their hotel at the time desired.
  • The tour duration is 5 to 6 hours, and you will have the experience of every facility that this VIP Safari tour offers.
  • The next activity is going to be sand boarding, where you will get an opportunity to take the board slide right from the peak of the dunes.
  • What’s next? We will welcome you to the camp and there, refreshments like Tea, Coffee, and/ or other Soft Drinks will be offered as per your choice or according to the things that will be mentioned on VIP Desert Safari Packages before visiting the same.
  • Furthermore, the Camel Ride is a favorite among tourists.
  • In addition, make yourself ready to witness the best Sunset View of your life.
  • One can go for Quad Bike by paying a few additional charges as well.
  • Certainly, by exploring the aforesaid activities, one can get the mirror, Painting of Henna, and some Photographs in Arabic Costumes.
  • After that, the safari will welcome you to an amazing BBQ Dinner that is being designed especially for tourists from all over the world where they will have various food items which you can enjoy, along with the experience of rapturous Belly Dancing that is world-famous, along with other live entertainment shows like Fire Show and Tanoura Dance, etc.

Tour Ends with Lots of Wonderful Memories

VIP Desert Safari Above all, once the delightful evening is over, it will drop you back at your hotel, finally, to get a night of amazing sleep, get ready, and explore other regions of Dubai the next morning. Therefore, there are things about VIP Desert Safari Dubai that one surely cannot miss if they are visiting the world’s favorite emirate.

However, the experience of visiting the deserts of Dubai can be enhanced by choosing the best travel guide is considered the best in the business and can provide you with the best Desert Safari Deals that you will remember for days. 

VIP Desert Safari
Safety Measures :

  • Ladies who are expecting.
  • Senior citizens with chronic heart conditions.
  • People suffering from back problems are advised not to join Safari.
  • Since it might not be suitable for their health conditions.

VIP Desert Safari Booking :

  • In VIP Desert Safari Children below the age of 3 years will be considered infants and are not advised to be a part of the trip.
  • The team at Arabian Fun Adventures guarantees you service with the best in class service and furnishes you with the best Desert Safari Experience.

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