Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai


Dubai is a city known for people luxury life style enterprise and vibrant culture. But one of Dubai’s most popular places charms is the Desert Safari. Desert Safari Dubai offers a memorable experience to everyone who wants to experience the amazing beauty of the desert.

Desert Safari Dubai is an essential do activity for anyone staying in the city. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the desert landscape understand exciting activities and dip yourself in the rich culture of Dubai. Desert Safari Dubai has approximately for everyone.


Premium Desert Safari


Desert Safari Dubai is a popular tourism activity in many Middle Eastern countries offering guests the opportunity to experience the exclusive beauty of the desert and get a perception of traditional Bedouin culture. But not all desert safaris are equal. The greatest desert safaris take the experience to the next level contributing a luxurious and unique experience for those observing for something unique for guests.

Although a typical desert safari involves trekking in modest tents or sleeping under the stars desert safaris often offer luxury places such as tents or hostels.


Dubai Desert Safari Adventures


The city is identified for its lifestyle modern manner and strong culture. But apart from the beauty and loveliness of the city there is also one of the most stimulating and surprising things that travelers can take part in Dubai Desert Safari.

From thrilling dune flows to serene camel rides it offers something for all adrenaline addicts and nature lovers.

One of the most popular happenings during the Desert Safari Dubai is dune bushing. This experience includes driving across the sand in a four wheel drive vehicle for an exciting rollercoaster like experience that will consent to you in surprise. Expert drivers cross steep territory and sharp desert lines giving travelers a memorable journey.

For those looking for a peaceable experience camel riding is essential. Sitting on a giant camel visitors can quickly explore the desert scene see the beautiful scenery and feel the landscape. Another best part of Desert Safari Dubai is the chance to onlooker the sunset. As the sun sets and the sky cracks blue orange and flushed visitors can enjoy the superb beauty of the Arabian Desert in all its splendour.

Dubai Desert Safari is the best experience for someone visiting the city. It offers you the perfect merger of fun relaxation and cultural collaboration full of memories. So if you famine to escape from the noise of the urban and experience the beauty of the Arabian Desert do not miss this memorable chance.

These activities are connected with Premium Desert Safari.

1 Quad Bike Safari

2 Camel Safari

3 Dune Safari

4 Overnight Desert Safari

5 Hummer Desert Safari

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Morning Desert Safari

250 AED / Per Person

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Quad Bike Ride

150 AED / Per Person

Desert safari Dubai

Dune Buggy Ride

799 AED / 2 Person



Desert safari Dubai
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